Roohani Taweezat

According to Islamic Point of view Roohani Taweezat or Roohani taweez(amulet) is a piece of paper with Quranic verses and Duas written on it people keep them for many purposes such as protection from Black Magic, Evil eyes, Black Magic spells etc. Moreover people recite verses of the Quran and then blow around themselves and others for getting protection from Evils.

Types of Tawezat.

There are only two types of Taweezat.

1-    Spiritual Amulet (Roohani Tawezat)

2-    Evil Amulet (Shetani Taweezat)

Roohani Taweezat are those which are written and utilized under the instructions of Quran and Hadith and the purpose of such Tawezat is to do good anyone in rightful manners. Roohani Tawez is one of the main sources of Roohani ilaj.

While on the other hand the second type of Amulet (Taweezat) is very disastrous in its nature. Evil powers can destroy anyone’s life. The counteraction of Black Magic (Kala Jadu) and evil spells is possible only through Roohani ilaj  or Roohani Tawezat

Where to use Roohani tawezat

You are always allowed and welcome to ask us any question about how to use tawezat . Roohani Tawezat are very useful for eliminating physical and spiritual pains or illness, diseases of children, job and business problems, evil eyes, black magic spells,family severance, Disobedience of children,problems in getting married and all that.

How to Use Roohani Tawezat.

Tawezat should be used with high respect and homage because it contain Quranic verses and sacred words. Put the taweez into a lather cover or any other safe and secure fitting. Roohani taweez can bind or tie on your arm otherwise you can use that taweez as a necklace

Dua Istikhara

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