Roohani Elaj

Rohani Ilaj is considered a creditworthy way to treat any sort of disease you have whether it is spiritual or physical. As we believe that diseases are trial and test from Allah Almighty and we also know that Allah promises that healing from the diseases also comes from him. But on the other hand as a Muslim, we need to be aware that it is Sunnah to treat the disease. Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W has recommended many ways of treatment to his Ummah.

Problems that can be cured through Rohani ilaj.

Loss in business or failure in job, Problems in getting married. Family severance, Problems in getting Proposals. Enmity, Jealousy, Divorce ,Evil Trance, Black Magic, Evil eye, Disobedience of children, Incurable diseases, Getting your beloved, Love & peace between Husband and wife. Elusive physical and spiritual pains., Husband’s interest in other women, Spell, etc.

Sources of Rohani ilaj.

Rohani ilaj is done by Quran,Istikhara, Rohani Wazaif, tasbeehat and Taweezat. First of all it is known that what is the problem you are facing and after that the exact spiritual activity (Roohani Ammal) is chosen as the solution of that matter. online Rohani ilaj(Quran se ilaj) service is available here on the platform of Rohani . Everyone who wants to be succeeded in their desired motive and want to get rid of their fatal diseases and unsolvable problems can get help through Rohani Wazaif or Rohan ilaj. Rohani ilaj is complete and one and only way to cure your diseases and to solve your problems.

Rohani ilaj in Urdu

As you know that the main source of Rohani ilaj is Holly Quran which is in Arabic language so all the Tawezat and Wazaif that you acquire from us will be consist of Arabic words. But for the facility of people we guide all about Rohani ilaj in Urdu language

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